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May 26, 2009
I am amazed that so many of you keep reading my Blog (all of our Blogs actually)…none of us have been very diligent at writing our Blogs.  The weird thing is that there is almost too much to say.   Making the decision of what to write about is what keeps me from writing – what to write? .    Should I tell you about Kirk’s visit back here to CSC?   Should I tell you about our newest arrival – 7 week old Hilton ? Or should I tell you about some of the darling conversations that I have had with the kids lately? Maybe I should ask you to pray for dear Jeremie who has waited way too long for his adoptive family to be able to come here. Should I do another "out my window" story?   Hmmmmm…….  Maybe I should tell you about the summer fun classes that the kids are busy going to.  I could tell you how I single handedly caught three of our kids that were knocking each other over on the up escalator – YIKES.   Or I could tell you about the tiny kitten that I rescued on the road…and has now moved in.   Maybe I should get serious and tell you how it feels to be here for almost 30 years.  I could make it simple and just show you some of the underwater photos that I took when I went snorkeling ( I saw a sea turtle…and no I didn’t get a photo).   Hmmmmmm….just can’t decide what to write.   I’ll have to think on it….keep checking in!
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