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Thanks for your prayers…..

July 18, 2009
I always ask people to pray for our safety here…..we have had a huge reminder of why that is so important!   In the early afternoon friday we were getting lots of rain, not a typhoon, just rain and some small gusts of wind.  I was sitting in my office with my wonderful view of the whole compound when there was a large CRACKING sound – when I looked out all I saw was a tree just landing in the driveway right by the Eicher house.   Two of our workers were standing right where the tree fell! They both have some lumps on their heads, but ER doctors tell us that they are fine.   The tree fell over our wall from the empty lot next door.  The very scary thing is that the tree fell onto the main electrical lines for our whole compound.  The lines where pulled as far as they could be without breaking…the tree was resting on the top of a wall with the electrical lines pulled  taunt under the tree.  If the lines would have been pulled even another inch or two it looked as if they would break.  We would have had live wires in a rain storm and two workers right in the mix.  The tree fell right next to the Eicher Home nursery….that leaves images that are just to horrid to think about.    So….keep praying for our safety here!  The prayers work.   God is protecting us.
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