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a FUN day

August 29, 2009
This week at school it was WIKANG FILIPINO –  lots of stories, games, dances and information about the Philippines – most of it in the Tagalog language. I understand about 15 words in Tagalog…so I did miss lots of the information!   Today was the culmination of Wikang Filipino but it was also the end of our 5 week long READING CHALLENGE.  What an exciting afternoon it was!  Uncle Paul, Uncle Andrew and Uncle Joel made some amazing deals with the kids for the reading challenge….if the kids won the challenge Uncle Paul and Uncle Andrew had to wrestle some really tough guys…..and Uncle Joel would lose his hair AND his beard.   For five weeks the three Uncles have been telling the kids that "Reading is boring"… which the kids would respond "Reading is fun" .   The kids each had individual goals to reach in reading in order to get enough points to win the challenge.  There has been lots of banter back and forth during these five weeks!    I will let the photos tell you the rest of the story!   It was a fun afternoon in Cebu!
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