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A rainy vacation day

September 8, 2009
Today was one of the "last minute" vacation days that the President declared a couple days ago.   We never know when we will have a vacation because the President can wake up one morning and decide that she wants to declare a nationwide vacation day!  And she does.  SO, this was one of those…as we have been telling people this vacation is "because some guy died".  Hmmm.  I spent the day with the kids;  vacation days are always especially hectic for the houseparents because they are often last minute and none of the extra people show up – just the people on the daily schedule and any staff member that may wander in.  Being I was a houseparent for the first 15 years of CSC I know the feeling…so I usually try to hang out with the kids.  Today we did lots of table games and just had a good time sitting in the HOT HUMID air playing games and sweating!  It was fun.  I enjoyed it!   Then we had a wonderful salad supper with all the Staff to celebrate Labor Day.  It was a good day.  Another vacation day on wednesday – but this is a planned one! 
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