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September 19, 2009
Our two Counselors and I attended a seminar today.   We were under the impression that it was a seminar for teaching us to teach the program True Love Waits. True Love Waits is a wonderful program for teens that encourages sexual purity until marraige.  Most of our older kids have gone through this program so we were just looking for some information to help us encourage and support the commitment that they had already made.   BUT,  when we arrived we discovered that we had not been given the complete story.   It was actually a seminar for True Love Waits – obviously directed at teens.   There we were….with about 500 young teens.  Of course there were a few adults with the groups of teens but we were the ONLY adults there who were not chaperones.  Yep – that would be me, 50ish, Victor,  who is 40ish and a very obviously pregnant Laarne.  At a program that will end with a committment to sexual purity until marraige.  Hmmmm…   Oh well, we did come away with some new info to share with our kids and I am sure that we gave all those there some good stories to tell –  I can just hear the talk….."did you see those old people that came to the seminar…and one was pregnant!", Glad we gave them something to talk about – we thought it was quite funny ourselves.
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