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I love showing off CSC

October 3, 2009
      I am blessed to have friends here for a couple of days.   I have known these friends for a long time…a lifetime ago!  Before CSC!  It’s hard to remember that I had a life before CSC actually.   These friends have supported CSC pretty much from the beginning,  so  it is especially fun to "SEE CSC"  through their eyes.  This afternoon we just hung out with the kids and  this evening we watched the last practice for the big recital tomorrow night ( they fly out before the recital. )   They loved just seeing the kids being kids, showing off their musical talents  and interacting with them.  On the way back to the guest house where they were staying for the night one of my friends commented that it was just so amazing and rewarding to see what they have been giving money to for almost 30 years.   It really hit me that CSC would not be CSC without the hundreds- if not thousands of people like my friends; people who have consistently given to CSC through the ups and downs of their own lives.  These friends did not  ever give big gifts…but they have given literally hundreds of relatively small gifts for nearly 30  years!   That really is more than some of our infrequent big givers!  I love that CSC means so much to so many people that  they choose to support us for 30 years  ( or 2 years or even once ! ) Most of these people are supporting something they have not even seen with their own eyes.  What a wonderful God we serve!  I am blessed to be here and blessed by my reminder today of what makes it possible for me to be here.  Friends.  My friends,  friends of the other staff members and new friends that have decided that CSC is worthy of their support!  We love friends!
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