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October 7, 2009
Lots has happened in the last few days. On October 1st I had some friends from Minnesota come to visit – it was fun to show them around CSC and Cebu.  October 2nd the Oprah show that I was on FINALLY aired.  We filmed that show in April !  I am glad that it is over. I don’t have to answer the question "when are you on Oprah ?" ever again!  HA.   It was a blessing to be able to have that experience though.  I hope and pray that the airing of the wonderful story about the Roach family will bring some extra blessings to them as well as to CSC.  We have had lots of people checking out our new website because of the show.  AND WHAT A WONDERFUL NEW WEBSITE IT IS!   It does not tell you that my Blog has been updated though…so don’t rely on it to let you know if I have a new update or will have to check it out on your own I guess…we are trying to figure out why it won’t tell of updates – same thing is happening to Tammy and Joel.   On October 3rd we were entertained in style by our own CSC KIDS.  We really do have some talented kids.  I have to just sit there in awe when they are showing off their talents!  These darling kids who come from severe poverty and with stories and experiences that seem to be impossible to overcome, are actually sitting there at the piano, or standing there playing a violin, dressed in formal wear and making beautiful music!   Their smiles were something to behold.  They were proud of themselves ( not quite as proud as we were of them though).  October 6th (that would be October 5th for you slow people in the USA ) we celebrated with the VIKINGS with a win over those PACKERS…and with Favre on our team even!  October 7th (yeah October 6th for most of you) we actually got up at  5 AM to watch the TWINS pull off a 12th inning win.  Exciting days.  Not all is wonderful though….as I sit here in my office there is some pretty sad stuff happening right outside my window. All the beautiful trees that have been growing for 17 years in our playground are being cut down as I type.   These beautiful  trees were producing a tiny little berry that the birds and bats love.  The problem is that the birds and bats are rather messy eaters and have less than acceptable bathroom habits…the mess that they were making was staining the new Duterte home, our neighbors house and both the Cherne and Eicher home as well.  My solution was to paint everything purple so the stains did not show….but that was not well accepted and the trees are coming down.    I know…they are just trees.  But our good friend Ron Duterte  planted them!  
We will plant new ones and all well be well.  I will get over it!   How can I not when I have one of the best jobs in the world? The kids lives will go on and we will still
have beautiful grounds and beautiful homes…..hmmmm…sure hope the  beautiful play ground equipment survives…so far it has!  They are getting some pinpoint landings of the falling trees between swingsets and climbing structures   
 I will show you a before and after photo as soon as the deed is done.  The photo of one of our little girls watching the trees fall kind of sums up my feelings too!
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