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October 11, 2009
Okay….it was not really Jacob’s wedding.    It was Bong and Lings wedding.   We have been calling it "Jacob’s wedding" as we have been preparing Jacob for it.  Bong had been Jacob’s Physical Therapist for two years before Bong moved to Australia a couple of years ago.  Jacob loved Bong and had a hard time saying goodbye to him.    We were amazed and overjoyed when Bong asked Jacob to serve as his Best Man at his wedding here in Cebu today!  What an honor and priveledge for Jacob – and our appreciation of Bong was doubled as well. THANKS BONG – you too LING!! !    Jacob got to get all dressed up and go to a beautiful beach resort.   He got to hang out with all of the Staff and Teachers.  He got to be the BEST MAN in a beautiful wedding!   Jacob  even "gave" a little speech at the dinner – it was precious.  Thanks to Julie for getting his computer fixed to be able to do that and thanks to Jinky for putting the perfectly right words in "Jacob’s mouth".  We were all in tears – including Bong.  Jacob will never forget this day.   What a special day it was!   Jacob,  our own BEST MAN!!!
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