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October 16, 2009
    We have a special time every weekday for the toddlers.   We have it in the morning right after the older kids go school, the toddler’s get to take over the compound.   It is a fun time!   We do things like nature walks, finger painting, water play or coloring most days, but today we tried something new.  TODDLER BOWLING!  We learned that there is only one rule to Toddler Bowling – and that is that the bowling pin is used to hit the bowling ball !  (To be honest it resembles golfing…but we don’t think our toddlers are ready for golf.)  Toddler Bowling is a very popular game for us now…I am sure it will be played often.  We may have to get a patent on the game I think.  The toddlers were still going strong when the game was "over" so we brought out our basins for water play.  We knew we were asking for trouble because these are the same basins that we use for water play when we have the toddlers in their swim suits!   But it was a great time – check out the photos!  We’ll be working on that patent.
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