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GOD’s promise – at the end of the rainbow

November 7, 2009
I was sitting here in my office thinking that I really needed to do a Blog update and wondering what to write about.  The kids are of course  "blog worthy subjects" and  there were a few of them right outside my window; playing basketball, ping pong, picking up the  greenboard that blew over twice in a little gusts of wind and trying not to get too wet  ( a few trying to get wet ) in the little sprinkles of rain that blew in every once in awhile.  But, I was also thinking about our financial situation;  knowing that we need some big money to come in to meet our budget and to keep going with our plans for growth. We just opened our beautiful new Duterte home and hope to have  all 3  of our Homes up and running early in 2010.  But…finances are tight right now.  Is this a time that we should be looking at growth?  Should we be satisfied with our status quo? The needs we could meet are certainly evident all around us.  I know in my heart that God will provide – simply because he always has.  But…as I was thinking about that and wondering why I  would  ever doubt God about our finances I heard the kids start yelling outside.   I thought maybe the greenboard blew over again and hurt someone.  But as I looked outside the kids were excitedly pointing over to the newly opened  Duterte home.  When I moved so that i could see what they were looking at I was both amazed and chastised at the same time.   There was a beautiful rainbow….and one end of it ended right on the Duterte Home roof from my vantage point.  I came to some immediate conclusions in my mind.   I will let each of you come to your own.
If you look closely you can see that it was actually  a double rainbow….the other rainbow ending on the roof of our new infirmary building! God is good. This beautiful display lasted only a couple of minutes and ( I think ) was only seen by me and the few kids that were outside.  I am happy to share it though!
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