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We love birthdays !

November 16, 2009
      We celebrate every CSC KIDS birthday at CSC.  That is a lot of birthdays; sometimes we have 2 or 3 birthdays a week!  Our kids don’t have much that is THEIRS.   They have their names ( so I try to remember to use their names when I talk to them ) and they have their birthdays.  The big event is always in the evening of their birthday. The older kids get to pick the menu at their party.   All the American staff members show up.   The birthday kid gets to invite two kids from the other house and many times a teacher gets invited too.  We sing Happy Birthday songs accompanied by the House fathers on their guitars…usually at least a couple different birthday songs ( I will mention here that we did not hire our house fathers because of their musical talent……).  We have a special prayer for the birthday child (usually one of us Staff members gets that honor ). Then we all eat together –  always quite a busy and loud time!  The kids get to go up to the  birthday banquet table and get their own food…(vegetables don’t usually go too fast on birthday nights…..!)  Then we unveil the special birthday cake with THEIR OWN NAME on it !   It is always fun to watch the one-year olds mess up their birthday cake ( we figure that their adoptive parents will appreciate the photos some day ). The kids get to choose the ice cream flavor they want – Ube is a favorite – purple ice cream made from Ube, it’s like a sweet potato.  It is good ice cream!  After that comes the kids most favorite time – opening their gift.  Our kids are appreciative of whatever they get it seems.  After opening their gifts they usually want to go up to their room and find a special place to keep each thing and to share their "bounty" with their friends. 
       Recently we celebrated Ginda’s 23rd birthday.   Ginda came to live with us when she was only 10 days old.  We have celebrated 23 birthdays with Ginda!  Ginda has cerebral palsy, she is wheelchair bound and cannot speak, but she can express joy…and she does that well.   Ginda knew it was HER day, she even got to wear the ear rings that she had chosen on a recent shopping trip.  What a blessing it is to celebrate birthdays with our kids!   It is THEIR day and they know it.
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