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memories…and reunions

December 6, 2009
     We have had about 800 kids come to live with us over the past 30 plus years.  I can honestly say that I remember most of them.  There were a few that spent only a short time with us and a few that came and left while I was on one of my one year furloughs to the USA. Those kids I  know only by name or because of strories that I have heard about them.  But, most of the kids I have my own memories of !   One of those that I have lots of personal memories of disappeared from our lives 26 years ago – we have had no contact with her.  I remember her well!  She was our 15th child.  She came to live with us when she was 10 months old and lived with us for over 2  1/2 years.  We each had kids in our bedrooms with us at that time and she was "mine"  to care for.  She went to a wonderful family who gave her a wonderful life, she is happy that she has the family that she has.  She is also happy to come back to the Philippines to try to fill some of those "empty corners" of her heart many adopted kids have even though they know they have a wonderful and caring adoptive family.  She is celebrating her 30th birthday with us!  We have not been able to find any of her birth family but we have been able to bring her to some of the places that were significant to her, meet people who made a difference in her life and help her to experience some of the tastes, sights, sounds and sensations that she experienced as an infant and toddler with us.  She tells us that all of these experiences alone are helping her to  fill some of those "little voids" that have not been able to be filled before.  What an honor it has been to have her back with us after all these years!  Thanks so much to her adoptive family for making her a part of their family and giving her the wonderful childhood that she obviously had!  She will soon be making her journey back to her home in the USA. I will have one of my own "little voids" in my heart filled too!  I now know that she is fine and that she had a wonderful life after leaving CSC.  Even though she was only a toddler when she left it seems as if  I know her as an adult.  That is a wonderful feeling.   She is one of the kids that is in the original and famous CSC photo of Uncle Paul and five kids walking down our little street back in 1982.   We went back there yesterday and had another photo taken!  Here is that photo…and a few others.
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  1. Unknown permalink
    January 11, 2010 8:42 am

    I just read this! What a lovely entry! All your blogs have been great to read [and the photos are fantastic!], but it makes me miss you all so very much. If what they say is true, that a nose itches everytime someone thinks of you, you must be getting awfully tired scratching yours.Miss you tons, Auntie Sandy, and love you even more!

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