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December 13, 2009
     Every Christmas we have a little thing we do called JUNEL’S BOX.  Junel’s Box is named after one of our long ago kids who gave his cherished last peso to help a needy family at Christmas time.  We offer the  kids we have each year a chance to give some of their personal money to help a needy family celebrate Christmas each year.   I am always blessed by the kids giving of the little they have.   I am the kids "banker" so am the keeper of their allowance and any money that they receive from Foster Friends.  I sat down with my "bank box" after the kids had been told about the family that we were going to help this year.  I was stunned, shocked and blessed. The older kids came first and each and every one said  " I will give all " after being told how much money they had in the bank!  I started crying.  The kids kind of gathered around to watch me cry as I explained that I was crying because I was so happy and proud of them!  The younger kids all gave significant amounts from their funds too.  EVERY KID GAVE SOMETHING !  You have to understand that the kids do not get much  money, they usually end up with about $10 in the bank each month.  This money does go a long way when we go shopping because we usually only take each kid shopping about 3 times a year.   The kids love shopping!  They knew that "giving all" meant NO shopping for them this Christmas break – likely not until summer break now.  Yet, they gave freely and happily.  They are all excited to bring all the things we will buy with their money to the chosen family this year.  This got me to thinking….    people feel sorry for our kids because they have all experienced poverty, lost their birth family and suffered abuse of one kind or another.    But at this moment in time I am thinking the kids that I feel sorry for are all the kids who would never give of their own money (certainly not all ),  the kids whose Christmas lists cover pages and pages (and they better get what is on the list!),  the kids that will have more money spent on them this Christmas than 20 of our kids will have spent on them for gifts for the whole year.  Yes, at this moment in time, and in this specific instance I think that it is the CSC KIDS who are ‘lucky’ ones…they have learned, and experienced,  the gift of giving.   God Bless our kids.
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