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I’m dreaming of a green Christmas…..

December 19, 2009

    Actually I am living a green Christmas and dreaming of a white Christmas!  We are well into the Christmas season here…have been for weeks already.  The kids are excited.  Joemar asks me every day if tomorrow is the day that Santa will go to the school.  The kids all gave us Christmas lists weeks ago.   It was sad but sweet…many of their lists started with  " a mom and dad" or  "a real family",   We finally told them that this list  was for things that money could buy,  but still some of them made two lists because they really wanted to write  "a mom and dad" on a Christmas list.  I am sure it was well noted by God, he is way better than Santa any day.  We have been buying the kids gifts and I  believe that we are done…gigantic wrapping party on the 22nd!  We have already had lots of parties,  the kids school program ( more on that later )   the kids Sunday School Christmas presentation,  the Teachers Christmas party ( they invite the Staff ),   Maria’s school program,  the CSC workers party, the CSC outreach party, and the December birthdays have kept us all in the party mode.  Lots more to come though.   Tomorrow we deliver the JUNEL’S BOX gifts to the family that was chosen this year – that family is going to have a Christmas to remember this year!  The kids are quite excited to deliver all the things that we were able to buy with their money.  On monday  evening we have our annual progressive dinner – the kids will come to our houses ( Healys,  Ohlendorfs, Joels and ours )  We will each present an aspect of the Biblical Christmas story and will serve some food.  FUN!  On the 22nd Tammy and I always host a party for our neighborhood kids.  We have a good and growing group of kids in our neighborhood whose families are living on the edge of poverty.   We have grown to love these kids and are excited to share some Christmas blessings with them.  Christmas Eve is a fun time when Santa arrives in his sleigh ( or not ).  Christmas day is when we have a "formal"  dinner with all the kids and the Gospel presentation through a "live nativity" following.   Hopefully the animals won’t  "steal the show" by misbehaving this  year…..that has happened !   Usually December has been cool  (sometimes as cool as under 80 degrees!)   I love that about December….but this year that has not happened!  It has been  HOT !    I am still hoping for a day with temps under 80…..maybe I should put that on MY Christmas list!     

      The kids school program was last thursday.  Once again it was a wonderful time.  The kids showed their musical talents and gave an amazing full gospel presentation – including a Salvation message – to the nearly 100 people in attendance.   It always amazes and blesses me to see the kids "get up on stage" and  show off their musical talents…and we do have TALENTS GALORE !    The big blessing of the night for me was to see Rael up front,  playing guitar and singing a solo!  This is the same guy who one year ago would literally turn his back on the audience when he was playing his guitar on stage.   Music has been a wonderful thing for our kids to learn to express themselves and to help overcome shyness and low self esteem.  Check out the Christmas photo album.  I will be adding more as the parties happen!

      A blessed and merry Christmas to each of you.    And…..pray for some cool temps in Cebu for us transplanted Minnesotans please.

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