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December 25, 2009
A merry and blessed Christmas to each of you!   We have just finished our Christmas day celebrations…only a couple more days of celebration to go!   We have had a wonderful time sharing this season with the kids that God has blessed us with this year.  I did hear of a couple broken toys already but they were broken by kids who would and could likely take apart any thing.  The kids have been getting along fairly well  ( okay there was one hole punched in a new door…. )  It is always a bit of an adjustment to have all these days off in a row…like getting used to summer  vacation.  They will just be used to "vacation mode" and it will be time to go back to school.
I have lots of photos to share but because the whole of Cebu is trying to use their internet it seems that mine is quite slow tonight – so I am not going to attempt to download any photos.  Be assured that we have had a wonderful time with our wonderful and CUTE kids.   Photos to follow soon!
Please be in prayer for one of our long time workers, Delia.  Her husband died two days ago of a heart attack.    Also praise God with us for the birth of LES PAUL, born to our Music teacher Francis and our kids Counselor Laarne.  Pray for  the wedding  (and married life ) of one of our nurses tomorrow morning!  (why would anyone have a wedding at  8 AM on the day after Christmas?)  Oh my.
GOD BLESS each of you on this blessed Christmas day.   Enjoy the snow for me!
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