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January 31, 2010
On friday we had our annual Sportsfest.   We go to a big park outside of the city. The park has  some wide open spaces and some shade for us "watchers"  (also dog poop and too many other people….but we take what we can get! ).  The kids were divided into three teams,  it was fun to see them get excited for their team as well as for their buddy who was on another team.   The pre schoolers were a team of their own!  We had lots of physical competition and some "not so physical" for our kids in wheel chairs. I think that everyone had a good time – I know that I had a good time watching them!  We all had a picnic lunch – I think the highpoint of that for many of our kids was feeding the cats and dogs that decended upon us once they smelled the food!  Going back home again was a  little more exciting than we planned it to be.   One of the vehicles broke down so we had to stuff more kids into the other vehicles – but we all eventually made it home safe and sound.   It was a good day – we had lots of tired kids that night!  
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