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TODAY….bowling, kites and first steps

February 6, 2010
     Today was a pretty normal day at CSC for me.  A normal day is usually any day that is different from any before it!  I guess the only days that are similiar are the days that I  spend in my office working on paperwork – they are not as fun as these "normal" days! .  For the last two weeks Joemar ( our 33 year old "kid" ) has been talking about bowling with his special needs gym class.  Auntie Shari and I were chosen to go along!  Maria and Arlene ( from our Teen Home ) were also on the adventure as well as 3 more of their buddies from the Saturday gym class.   It was quite the bowling experience – I didn’t even bowl but left the bowling alley tired.  Joemar, Maria and Arlene had a grand time – MARIA HAD A STRIKE…see photo for proof! 
     After bowling I spent some time on the playground (one of my favorite places ).  Earlier today I have given some of the big boys each a kite because they helped me haul some boxes around.   When I got back to the playground this afternoon the kites were in the air and the toddlers were just coming out to play.  The toddlers thought the kites were the most amazing things!  I guess they didn’t remember last  years kite flying season!   It was so darling to watch the little ones running from one end of the playground to the other  as they were trying to keep their eyes on   the kites.  They were telling us all to look at the kites and made sure that each of their buddies saw the kites too. It is so fun to see the joy and wonder in the eyes of these darling kids!  Simple pleasures are the best…and to enjoy them with your good buddies ?  It just does not get better than that for our "gang of toddlers".
     You would think that all of the above would have been a complete saturday at CSC.   But….I had another little blessing to behold.    We get to see lots of babies grow up here at CSC.   But….being there for their FIRST STEPS is always an exciting thing to see!    I got to see another little enjoy the walking world today too!   Seeing all those kites and all the "big toddlers" running around was just too much for one of our little ones!  He decided it was time to take his first steps….yep, just another normal day at CSC. 
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