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TODAY….fun with the “left behinds”

February 22, 2010
        All of our kids who are 8 and up are at camp for four days.  That leaves all the 7 and unders as " left behinds"    Saturday night we had a huge birthday party for five of them.   Sunday most of the Staff went to visit the kids at camp.  Today was all about the "left behinds" though.   This morning they had a wonderful time playing in the yard – we gave them permission to use some of the big kids balls and playground equipment but they ended up doing their own thing, making their own fun and  being creative. They were making "soft drinks" in coke bottles by mixing water and leaves and seeds and rocks and….you get the idea.  They made boats and hats from big pieces of plastic and had their own little game going on the climbing bars.   They were riding the scooters and trikes and bikes up and down the driveway singing songs at the top of their lungs.  Tammy and I took a few out to lunch – that is always interesting – all the neighborhood restaurants know us as "the americans with all the kids".  We had a PIZZA AND GAME PARTY all afternoon.   Obviously I played all day today.   This evening we had the 6 and 7 year olds at the Duterte Home for video’s and the 5 and unders at the Cherne Home for another video.  A wonderful time was had by all!    I am adding  photos to the TODAY album of the fun day today and some of the older kids having fun at Camp as well.  ENJOY!
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