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April 8, 2010
    There is way too much going on here to keep you all up to date.  I admire Tammy for writing a Blog once a I am going to try to be more like her.  I just thought that is was about time to catch you up to date and to tell you a little of what it is like to work at CSC. 
   We have had lots of visitors lately,  Marv makes his appearance once a year,  he comes to thaw out.  He lives in Alaska.   Lynn just left, she is "on our staff" but goes to the USA for 2-3 years at a time and then comes here for 2-3 weeks at a time.  We still  "claim" her…she really was on our staff over 10 years ago!  It is a blessing for us to have special friends and family come to visit!   We always have people dropping by it seems. We are on everyones  "ya gotta see" list when they have visitors come to Cebu. We all end up doing lots of "tours" around our compound.   A couple days ago we had an adoptive family come to get one of our two year olds….and tomorrow we have a family coming to get 3 brothers. Adoptive families usually stay about 3 days. We all keep busy preparing  them, and the kids, to leave CSC and begin a new life together.  Having adoptive families come is truly a bittersweet time,  our "goal" of finding a family for our kids has been achieved…..but we have to say goodbye to those kids that we have poured our time, our hearts, and our love into – that hurts.  But….it is all worth it we know. 
    I have lots of office/paperwork to do, and am always behind it seems.  I do love writing though,  so enjoy working in my office. I have a little office up some steep and sometimes slippery metal steps,  but it is on the compound and it is MY office.    The fact that I have an "open door" policy makes things a little confusing sometimes.  But,  the times that a house parent,,a counselor,  a worker,  one of the staff or one of the kids comes  up to those steps because they have "something to talk about" are often the most rewarding parts of my day.  I keep a few fun things up there too….I like having the kids come by  just to visit too.  It is nice to deal with them one on one or in a small group.
    There are always some errands that need to be done and sometimes I even find time to go out to eat with my good friend Mary….one of the only other single women missionaries here in Cebu. 
     Meetings seem to take up more and more of my time,  I have regular meetings with all of our  House parents and also with our Counselors, We have a staff meeting once a week. I always get to talk to any of the kids  (and an occasional adult )  that have had some behavior concern.   As CSC gets bigger it is obvious that we have  to communicate better and to make sure that we are working toward the same goals.  Meetings seem to be the best way for us to do that.
     I enjoy keeping in contact with many of our CSC kids who have already left for adoption and have conversations with lots of adoptive families too – I am happy that the families feel that they can share the good and bad stories with us and that we can still feel that we are a part of many of our kids lives.  I have stayed in contact with a few of our CSC Kids that ended up staying here in the Philippines as well – none of them are doing great, but it is rewarding to be a part of  their lives and to help them though the tough times.   
     Each day has its blessings for sure.  Some days I wish that I could "rewind" and start over again, but I can honestly say that I love the challenge of my job and I love the fact that each day is different and has  it’s own blessings and challenges.   God is good.  
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