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April 18, 2010
      Goodbyes…..something that we have to do a lot.   We say goodbye to our own families when we leave the USA,  we say goodbye to our CSC family here when they leave and when we leave.  I know in my head that there has to be a HELLO for each GOODBYE…but it seems that the goodbyes are what we remember.  We have recently said goodbye to four of our kids, a little two year old left in the loving arms of her adoptive parents and a few days later three of our older boys left with their adoptive family.  This family is a record setting one for us…they have adopted from us a total of FOUR times!  They were tied for first place with another family at three CSC adoptions – but have now earned the MOST ADOPTIONS AWARD all on their own!   They had adopted 4 kids in the first 3 adoptions and 3 of those kids came with their mom and dad to get their new brothers.   What a blessing that was –  I do remember those hellos!  It was great to see the first moments of them all becoming a family.  What an honor it is to be a part of seeing so many families being made! 
       We got to spend a few days with this "award winning" family here at CSC –  then they all went to the beach for a few days before making their way to Manila and on to the USA.   It is always a bit of a difficult time when adoptive families are here to be honest.  The kids are somewhat confused as to who to look to for direction and who will meet their needs.  The adoptive family is hesitant to take much control for fear of "stepping on our toes" and not wanting to appear too strict to the new kids.  We see the kids testing the rules (and wondering if anyone will notice),  be we are hesitant to "step on the toes" of the adoptive family!  It is a dance that we do all the time!  We have to "pull back" and let the family take over…that is our job.  I will never forget my final goodbye to these kids though.  They were at a beach resort and I stopped by to say goodbye (and drop off stuff that they needed).   I know that it is my job to make sure that Mom and Dad get all the respect and that the kids need to look to mom and dad to answer questions and meet needs.  The kids need to know that Auntie Sandy is no longer making decisions for them – that I love them but that Mom and Dad are there to meet their needs now.  So…it was kind of hard to say goodbye – but I made it through with a happy face and a blessing on the family ( The tears had already been shed a couple days earlier at the goodbye at CSC ).  As I went down in the elevator and then walked across the resort complex I was pretty tearful though,  happy tears as much as sad tears.    All of the sudden I hear  "Auntie Sandy" being yelled from somewhere…I look around and quickly realize it is some of "my" kids up on their rooms 7th floor balcony….giving me one last goodbye.  OH MY.   I laughed and waved and yelled goodbye to them too…I took some photos but being I was crying it ends up I have  photos of the 6th floor balcony,  the sky and some other balcony on the 7th floor!   I did get one that at least shows them on the balcony!    It was a great goodbye….thanks guys.  Can’t wait to say HELLO to you again in the USA!
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  1. Susan permalink
    April 20, 2010 4:06 am

    Oh Sandy! It was so hard to say goodbye…for the 4th time. You guys are a part of our family just like the children we adopted from CSC. It was such a family building trip with our girls along…reconnecting with you and with birth family. Now the boys are home and are becoming a part of the family. They are so well prepared for life here…as much as they CAN be prepared for such a different life. "Thank you" just doesn\’t say it all for all you and the rest of the staff at CSC has done in loving our family, both before adoption and after. I look forward to years of updates…and possibly visits with you. You have our eternal gratitude for the love you have shared with our children and with us. God bless you!Susan

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