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May 7, 2010
       WOW…what a week.  The kids are always excited for summer vacation (even though they love school) so the first week is usually full of lots of activity and excitement. This year is not an exception.  Summer fun classes have started – I am the driver for a couple days of basketball.   We have had a few sets of visitors,   a few meetings, a few playground altercations (all involving kites) and a few big decisions to make.   We added a new-born baby to our family !  I found a little time to get some office work done…. 
     It has been way too hot for me.  I am sure that most days have been between 95 and 100 degrees –  wishing for some of that cool Minnesota weather here.  Nights cool down only a few degrees.   We had a rather memorable event today in that we had a rainbow in a perfect circle all around the sun at high noon and with no rain in sight! The kids were even quite amazed at this….photos were not easy to get but I did try!  
         Each day has a hundred little stories it seems…now I just need to find the time to tell them.  In the meantime I will put up some recent photos!  Enjoy
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