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June 30, 2010
       Seems like  yesterday  I wrote about the first day of summer vacation!    But…now, two months later,  we are into our 13th year of school! Summer vacation was grand.  The kids had a great time with summer fun classes and even coped with summer school (a few of them).  We kept them busy with activities and other fun things to do.  Rainy Season cooperated perfectly in that it did not rain during the day until the first day of school!   The kids got to play outside every day during summer vacation – even when rainy season FINALLY started it only rained at night. 
      We had lots of visitors over the summer – seemed like every day was different with different directions to go and different people to go along.   Lots of "kid stuff" in dealing with behaviors and adding new kids too.   Laarne and Eldie  (CSC kids counselors) and I kept busy trying to figure out some rather confusing and contradicting kids behavior and reports as well.  It was all good though and I am so grateful for Laarne and Eldie!  We survived and are in better shape  (kid wise) than we were at the beginning of summer vacation.  My office is is certainly not in better shape…it has two months of paperwork to catch up on!  I will get started on that.   Tomorrow.    It’s good to have Teacher Amy back in Cebu too!  She is a big help to me in the Childcare realm.
      All this to say that I will get back to blogging…the kids are in school and Amy is here to help!  No more excuses.    I will be adding a blog and/or photos much more often now!  Keep checking!
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