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Every day!

July 14, 2010
     I  actually enjoy waking up in the morning and not knowing what the day will bring.  I enjoy not having an answer for the question I get asked the most when I am in the USA  "what is a normal day like at CSC?"  Every day is different!   I enjoy not knowing what each knock on my office door will bring to me, or what I will see when I walk into one of the homes.   I guess I like being able to respond to what is in front of me and not  being consumed with worrying about what MIGHT happen, or even trying to make things happen.  I have learned that God knows what we need and that leaving things is HIS hands is the only way to deal with all that we do have to deal with here.  If I think about all that I should be doing it appears impossible,  there is way too much to worry about here……    I enjoy just using each day to do what God places before me.   Sometimes the "knock on my door" is one of the Aunties bringing me news of some behavior of one of the kids that will need intervention,  sometimes it is one of the kids being brought to my office to talk about that "intervention"!   Sometimes it is one of the house parents coming to talk or bringing me  paperwork that I need to sign….those are my favorite visits I think.  They often last a long time as we talk about the kids and sometimes about their own personal thoughts and concerns as well.  I love working with our Houseparents and I love getting to know each of them better each day.  Sometimes it is kids coming up to tell me some important news in their lives or just to play in my office  – I love those times too!   Sometimes it is one of our Counselors sharing something that the kids have shared in counseling.  I love having my little office where I can have all these visitors –  sometimes I even get some work done there!   Of course there are days that I wish I could just go to some place far away (camping in Minnesota has been popping into my mind lately!)  and not have to deal with what "is in front of me".   But,  honestly those times do not last long and my mind and heart are brought back to what is "in front of me".   To be able to help these 80 kids that God has brought to CSC is what I want to be doing EVERY DAY,  the blessings that I receive outweigh the "hard stuff" that I do need to deal with. 
Thank you GOD  for every day that you give to me.
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