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Lions and Spiders and Bears, oh my

September 11, 2010
     I love animals.   I have had to pretty much put that love on the back burner here though.  Kids take priority of course.  The kids know of my love for animals so I get lots of animal questions and have some good conversations with the animal lovers – quite of few of our kids fall into that category.    We talk about goats every day because there are 20 -30 goats just wandering around out side our gate.  The toddlers love to see the goats!   One day a little goat came in when the gate was open, when the gate was closed the little goat was trapped inside. The toddlers were in the middle of a "nature walk" so of course the little goat became the  number one thing to learn about.   It was so fun to see 9 little toddlers chasing one little goat around our yard!   Finally when the poor goat got back near the gate we opened the gate and let him out, we had 9 unhappy toddlers but one very happy little goat.  
     We end up talking about lions everyday  because for some reason Wilmar calls anyone that he  is a little frustrated with a "Lion"…  I guess it is Wilmar’s way of not getting in trouble for calling people names.  But we all love lions now! This is spider season too….so all the older boys and a few of the older girls collect spiders.   They make tiny little compartments for their spiders to live  in  little candy boxes or whatever small containers they can find.   They collect the kind of food that each type of spider likes…and then they have the spiders fight  each other.   Being the animal lover I am I have to let them know that I don’t like that…. so they stop the "fights" if I walk nearby!  The rule is that no spiders are allowed inside the house – but two little brothers at the Duterte home snuck some in – they were discoverd when Uncle Patrick opened a seldom used closet door to find it filled with spider webs – and more in progress.  The reason ?….those two spiders were the winners of many fights, their reward was retirement from fighting and being allowed to live inside.  Can’t argue with that reasoning.  Well…some people can,  the spiders were moved back outside.  I have been showing some of the kids a blog site that shows lots of pictures and stories about black bears in Minnesota.  So we have some bear lovers here now too.     So…we do have lots of  Lions and spiders and bears  OH MY.    I love my job.
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