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I love roller coasters

October 2, 2010
     I love roller coasters. 
     Roller coasters make us feel like we are taking an exciting risk.   We always come out the winner on a roller coaster.  We overcome the "risk" and get off the ride only to  want to get back in line and do it all over again.   This last week has been a roller coaster of emotions.  On an emotional roller coaster we do not always come out the winner.   And we certainly don’t  always want to get back in line and do it all over again –  sometimes we want to run the other way.  But, all these "highs and lows" are what God has for each person involved to deal with.  
     We told 3 brothers that they have an adoptive  family…exactly 4 days before the oldest’s  16th birthday! As the law stands now the almost 16-year-old  would not have been able to be adopted if  the legal papers were not signed before his 16th birthday.  He made it by 4 days.   What an emotional high that was.   But,  the same day news came that a very brave,  fun-loving  and special 9 year old girl who is a family friend is losing her 1 year battle with cancer.  She and her family love the Lord,  just a few weeks ago it looked like the cancer was losing…but the latest scan shows the cancer is now growing fast.  There is nothing more that can be done medically.   Heart breaking news.    Will God show this family the miracle their hearts are crying out for?  
    We have seen God’s people responding to our financial needs,  Exciting to see!  We have also had to tell two sisters that their hoped for adoption had just been cancelled.  They will not be going.  Hard stuff for kids to hear, and hard for us to tell them.  
     We are celebrating the fact that we have 81 of the  greatest kids in the Philippines in our care – but crying out to God to work in the hearts and minds of our  US Senators, Congressman and President to allow our  16, 17 and 18 year olds to be adopted.  The law  that  "inadvertently" changed over two years ago really did take away their hopes and dreams for adoption – we just want their chances back.  It is a very difficult time for us to see our older kids having to deal with such a huge unknown in their lives. 
      We keep hearing about families interested in adopting our kids, lots of our kids!   What a blessing that is, a definate answer to prayer.  But,  we have one group  of 6 kids that have been with us the longest – and no one seems to be interested in them.   It is always bittersweet for us to tell kids about an adoptive family;  we want that news and that day to be a special one for them.  But,  we also have to deal with all the kids that are still waiting…and have been waiting for a long time.   We have to comfort the kids that are losing hope. 
      A young wife and mom who I have known all her life just found out she has cancer.  Her prognosis is good but this is still scary news.  I see an obvious answer to prayer every day when I see Ginda!  Three  months ago we thought that Ginda was not going to survive.  She did.   It wasn’t  just  the doctors,  they didn’t know what else to do, it was God.    God is with us,  he is answering prayers.  We just need to keep asking him and be ready accept it when his answer is  "no" or  "wait".
     God is in each of these situations I know.   Emotions are what make us human.  The "highs and lows" all have a place in God’s plan. 
     I still love roller coasters.  But,  I think I would like to ride a much calmer merry-go-round for awhile.
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