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It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas…..

December 5, 2010

We have heard Christmas carols playing on the radio and in the malls since September.  September marks the  beginning of the brrr months you know,  Septembrrr,  Octobrrr.  The the main road between my house and the kids homes is once again one of the most decorated roads in the city.   Cherne, Duterte, Eicher and the Teen Home are all festive with Christmas trees and decorations.   My tree is up and I have lots of multi colored lights to remind me that it is Christmas as I sit sweating in the 80 degree weather at 8 PM at night.       The kids are already very excited, the “old” kids are telling the “new” kids about Christmas at CSC.  It is fun to hear them talk about good memories and happy times that we have been able to give to them over the years.  We do have fun, but we also make sure that they know what Christmas is all about; that is that the God who brought them to CSC and is giving them a second chance at a family of their own is the same God that came to earth as a baby so long ago.  A God who loves them and wants the best for them,  a God that we would like to see each of them serve and honor with their lives.   What a privilege it is to share this season with 82 of God’s wonderful CSC kids!

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