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A new year

January 8, 2011

    We celebrated in style here,  Filipino style that is.    This year there was less of the “purely for noise” fireworks and more actual   “in the sky” displays.  The kids have all learned to “oh and ahhh”  for the fireworks  quite well. 

     God  blessed CSC with another wonderful year of the blessings and challenges that make our ministry unique.  We had our heart breaks;  losing Rufa Mae,  financial concerns,  and problematic behavior from a few of our kids. These things were  very difficult  to handle.  But,  the blessings just kept coming!  Opening up the refurbished Eicher Home was a highlight of the year – we now have 4 homes to take care of kids that God sends our way!  The USA Adoption Simplification Bill being signed into law was a miracle that we are still in awe of!  Adoptions coming together for many of our kids started in 2010  –  and we know that 2011 will be our biggest adoption year yet!   We firmly believe in our motto  “every child needs a family” and we are so excited that we could easily have 40 plus kids adopted in 2011.  Ending the year meeting and exceeding our 2010 budget was the perfect way to end our year.  God’s in control and he love’s these kids even more than we do!  Why do we fret and worry over finances?  I guess it is because we are human.  It is good we have a God who understands us!

      I am looking forward to see what God has in store for Children’s Shelter of Cebu in 2011.   I’m certain God has blessings in store for us,  I’m also certain that we will have  challenges and  tough days;  that is life.  Those tough days help us to grow and mature as individuals and as a ministry  – ( I need to remind myself of that fact frequently.)   PRAY FOR US!   We know that God uses HIS people  (that is YOU) to bless us and to challenge us.  We appreciate of each of you who pray for us,  support us and love us!  Thanks for letting us be your “hands and feet” in Cebu.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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