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Technology…highs and lows

January 15, 2011

When I came to Cebu City over 31 years ago I would write a letter to my family or friends in the USA…and if everything went well and they replied right away I would have an answer back in a month!   WOW – half way around the earth in a month,  I was impressed.  (Maybe too easily I admit)

Now, I complain if I can’t get online in moments.  I feel that I am living in the dark ages when someone steals the phone lines on the road to the Shelter, taking out our internet connection (for DAYS at a time!)   I now expect to hear little details about my family and friends that likely would not even have been written in a letter that would not get to me for weeks.    Technology helps me to keep in contact, it seems to make the world smaller (then why does it still take 24 hours to travel from Cebu to MN I wonder?)  It helps us to share needs and communicate in real time.  I love being able to jump right in to my family and friends lives with the click of a few buttons.  It is a blessing.

But,  I have been pondering how spoiled we can be.  We receive something and are overjoyed and blessed by it.   But, soon that thing becomes the expectation, the lowest level that we can deal with,  the jumping off point, we need something better.  That is true with technology for sure, but it is also true in other aspects of our lives.  I have not written more than 10 snail mail letters in the past few months.  I don’t want to, it takes too long, it won’t get there quickly and….does anyone read snail mail anymore anyway?  What I considered wonderful 31 years ago is now not worth my time.  We are never satisfied, we always want something better.

I  am glad that God does not have to rely on technology to communicate with us.  He still offers us the exact same level of communication that he offered  to the people who walked this earth with him over 2,000 years ago.  He gave us the Holy Spirit,  24/7 prayer lines,  and our Bible.  It was enough for people then – it is enough for us now.   It’s nice to have God’s  “technology”  to rely on.   His communication lines are always open,  never get a virus,   can’t be hacked,  and do not need any equipment.   It is nice to have something solid and dependable to rely on consistently.

Okay…I will attempt to add some photos here (if the new site cooperates with my level of knowledge – or visa versa) and will get this sent out to that big ( but getting smaller) world out there.  As soon as I can get back online that is – who knows when that will be.

Here are a few CSC SMILES

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