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Out my window

January 22, 2011

My office is in one corner of our compound.  I love looking out my window.   Today  I see a bunch of happy and content kids.  There is a multi person badminton game going on,  a hula hoop derby,  lots of  playing on the playground equipment and lots of things being ridden.  A few kids are sitting on the sidelines waiting for their turn.  I see Wilmar has his “daily leaf.”   I see one of our darling twins rolling a  basket ball up the ramp and when it comes down he tries to straddle it – darling!     I see our staff and workers watching and interacting with the kids.  I see  some maintanance  workers fixing  steps and  trimming  bougainvilla. I see a couple of the babies being pushed around in strollers.   A  delivery truck  just pulled in delivering propane gas.  Some of the kids that are suppossed to be isolated in the infirmary are taking a quick trip outside to see what I am seeing!   I hear lots of voices,  happy that they had a good hit in badminton,  yelling for their friend to win in the  impromto hula hoop contest,  calling someone across the playground,  and  yelling  “it’s my turn” and  “Auntie” to help to settle a dispute.  I hear the pet birds of our House parents trying to talk,  I hear the wheels of the scooters zipping by and a basketball being dribbled.  I can smell the freshly dug earth where the maintance workers are digging for the improved steps up to John Ray’s home.  I can smell that some neighbors are burning their trash.   I  can see, hear and smell CSC.  It’s all good.  

I can share a few of the sights out my window today….

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