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Barbie’s, HotWheels, and newborns

January 29, 2011

We’ve  had an exciting week!   But then every week is exciting here it seems.  Most of the time the excitement is of a positive nature, but we have the other extreme at times as well.     This weeks excitement started off with the arrival of  enough furniture to fill all three doll houses that have been  empty for over three years!  Not only are the doll houses now fully furnished, they also have lots of new occupants.  A bunch of  “previously loved”  Barbie’s made their way to CSC,  and our kids have met Ken for the first time.   They still call Ken  “Barbie boy” – Ken just does not do it for them.  Lots of new clothes for Barbie and “Barbie boy” made it all the more exciting.  THANKYOU!  You know who you are.

The little boys were not left out.  They are now the happy recipients of lots of Matchbox cars and a “city rug” to drive them on.   One of the little guys wanted to sleep on the rug that night!

But the biggest and best event of the week is that CSC has one more darling to care for.   We have been waiting for five days to admit this little guy –  between him,  his mom and paperwork it took five days to get him discharged from the hospital.  But he is now legally a CSC kid!   Our current  youngest kids were already 10 months old – we were all ready for the excitement of  another newborn!

Some “honorable mentions” of the week are:                                                             

Our high school kids all had good report cards…well, we will be talking to one of them about that Science grade.      

Our recent college graduate is struggling with her first job,  and we are struggling with how much help and support to give.      

I’m looking forward to next week.  I have family coming to visit!  What  a blessing and honor it is to show my family what I have been doing for the past 32 years!   Look for the red-head and the blondes in next weeks blog!  They should be easy to spot.

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