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February 12, 2011


I had the honor and privilege of introducing four more of my family members to CSC  during the past couple of weeks.   Blame them for the missed Blog last week!    I love watching people see and experience CSC for the first time.  CSC is an amazing place, I can say that because it is GOD’S  PLACE,  these are his kids and this is his work.  We are here because so many of YOU are supporting us.  It is an honor to be here and to show others what God is doing here.  Of course they fell in love with CSC!   

There has been lots going on!  We had the Sportsfest last week, lots of photos already up regarding that.  I was told in no uncertain terms by two kids who have been at numerous Sportsfest  that this years Sportsfest  was the best one ever!   I agreed.

We staged a fire drill at one of the houses that had failed their previous fire drill miserably.  This time they did absolutely great.  All the kids were out of the house in just over 30 seconds.  One of the older boys even ran out dripping wet wrapped in a towel.  He did get special recognition for a job well done!

We are hiring more childcare workers,  Joel, Amy, Warlita and I have spent much time interviewing them.  We have some very good applicants this time – it is hard to choose!  Word is spreading that CSC is a good place to work  I guess!

It is exciting for us to see a surge of interest in adoption – we already have 24 kids matched with adoptive families this year!  It is going to be a big year for adoptions – that means many more new  CSC Kids will be able to come to fill up the empty beds.  Amy and I are going to check out a couple young brothers on monday.  It is always exciting to add to the CSC family!

We are moving into hot season….that is not easy for me to think about.  I hate sweating!  I grew up  wanting to live in Alaska,  wanting to take trips to  Greenland and Antartica…..and where does God find the perfect spot for me?  Cebu City,  just 10 degrees off the equator.  God does have a sense of humor….and he does know where he wants us.    I am happy for my life’s work here in Cebu City, but I still want to get somewhere COLD some day!   Minnesota does not count !

Here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks.  I enjoyed seeing my two families interacting together – my biological family and my CSC family!   More and more my “two families” are becoming one!  I love it!

There seems to be some trouble with the photos….I will work on it!












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