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We love birthdays!

February 20, 2011

We love birthdays at CSC.  It is certainly good that we do…we have up to 90 birthdays a year!  To help us to cut down on the number of parties  we have started adding all the one and two year olds to the nearest birthday party of an older kid in their home.     For all the three-year-olds and older we have a party on their actual birthday.  They get a cake with their name on it,  a special birthday song and prayer,  sometimes they pick the menu for their party food,  they get to sit at the head of the table in the place of honor,  they can invite two friends,  and they each get a gift of something that is specially chosen for them. Tonight we had one of these combined parties,  a teenage boy ended up sharing his birthday party with a two year old!   I love our CSC kids – the teenager thought it was fun to share!   We had a pretty normal birthday party until the ice cream and cake came out.   For some reason our little one thought it was time for him to perform…and perform he did!  He made a horrible mess but had such a wonderful time doing it!  The more we laughed at him the more he added to our entertainment!  We even had kids coming over from the other houses to see what we were laughing at!   It was wonderful entertainment!   The teenage boy had front row viewing to all the excitement – he was laughing as hard as the rest of us….until he received a splat of ice cream on his arm.  He just cleaned himself up and moved another foot away from the action.     Watching this whole event tonight I was again reminded how blessed we are to see “other people’s”  kids going through important life events and milestones.  We see ALL the  “firsts” of our little ones – first smiles, first teeth, first steps, first birthdays…etc.    I could not help but think that we need  to  constantly preserve these events and these memories for the adoptive-families-to-be.   Tonight was one of those times that I wished we could somehow capture the whole event…not just a video of the little one, but of all of the rest of the kids enjoying him enjoy his birthday!  It is something that cannot be captured in it’s entirity.   I loved seeing how all our kids laugh so freely and how all the ages could enjoy this together.   In this case these photos do not come anywhere near showing you the experience we had tonight…but I thought I had to let you see a bit of it!



We had another blessing this week as well.  We got to see another family being made.   We never know quite what to think when adoptive families come.  Sometimes the kids just want to run and hide,  sometimes they just want to be close enough to “see but not touch” and sometimes it is love at first sight….that is what it was for this family…..another family added to the growing CSC family!


And the blessings didn’t stop there!  We got to have Jacob back!   He has spent much of his time in isolation in the infirmary lately – but he is now out!  He even went back to work.   I loved seeing Jacob’s big smile and hear him express his happiness in his own special way.   Joemar is happy to have his roommate back too!  Joemar does not even like to watch TV when Jacob is not there!  

So…all in all it was a wonderful week at CSC.

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