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Praise, visitors, and ice cream

February 27, 2011

Hopefully in that order….

        Our kids have formed  a Praise and Worship band under the tutelage of Teacher Francis,  our school music teacher.   They were part of a Praise Night at a local church this week. I was proud of our gang!  These are all young men who had no musical capabilities when they came to CSC – only because they had never been given a chance.   They do have obvious talent.  It has been our joy to see what they can do, and an even bigger joy to see the confidence they have in themselves to be able to offer God their best effort in praise and worship.    Thanks to all of you who have helped with giving CSC instruments and funds to keep improving our music program.  Music is a wonderful way for our kids to express themselves,  to gain needed self-confidence and  to see and understand that being responsible and practicing long and hard has it’s just rewards.



   We always have lots of visitors coming and going – this week was no exception.    We welcomed Rebecca and family back for a visit!  Rebecca was our CSC nurse while her husband was in medical  school over 9 years ago.   

      A family from the USA who learned about us via our website was here visiting their family – when they went back to the USA they left us a beautiful stroller,  a play pen and lots of clothes! 

       Uncle Patrick hosted his nephews whose parents are missionaries in Cambodia .  The kids in the Duterte home now  have lots of  knowledge about daily life for kids  in  Cambodia – I heard lots of comments during the week….  “Auntie Sandy, they eat spiders and ants!”   and  “Auntie Sandy  they drive on the road that the elephants walk on” or  “Auntie Sandy, it is sad because so many of the people in Cambodia don’t even want a Bible,  we need to pray that they will want a Bible and that someone will give them one.”   Precious.  

      Here are a few fun photos of our ice cream cone party on saturday night! The purple ice cream is  Ube ice cream.  Ube is a purple sweet potato like root crop.   It has a strong vanilla like taste.  The kids love Ube ice cream…I think these photos prove that!  Enjoy!








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