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Smiles, summer, and sweat

March 5, 2011




Summer is almost here.   I am not looking forward to the next 2-3 months!  Let me tell you about Hot Season.

Hot season….. when you are a sweaty mess before you even have time to get dressed after a shower,   mostly because  the water for your shower was HOT because it has been sitting in the water tank getting heated up – we can’t turn off the “hot water” in hot season.

Hot season….when you even have to walk fast with shoes on – the dirt, cement and tar are  too hot to stand still.   The tar even gets sticky at times!

Hot season….when I walk around incoherently repeating  “this country is unfit for human habitation”   over and over.   Hmmmm…wonder what the other 1 million people in Cebu City think of   that?

Hot season….when even the kids slow down!  The play ground equipment is too hot to touch.  The babies still want to be picked up – until they  realize that it is hotter in someone’s arms. 

Hot season….when getting as much of your body as possible in the shade is a basic survival instinct…telephone poles do offer enough shade for a face to fit in!   We really miss the beautiful shade trees that were cut down over a year ago!

Hot season….when the best job on the compound is giving baths to the babies and toddlers –  it is inside and at least it is clean water you are wet with, not just your own sweat.

Okay…enough of the  complaints I guess.   Here are  some positive reasons to be in Cebu for the next few months.

CUTE KIDS!   All our kids have chores to do.



The newest CSC KIDS – two brothers arrived yesterday.


They are  in isolation until we get good results on their medical tests…we are not sure that isolation will survive them!   Escape attempts happen frequently!  They are so anxious to get outside and play!

Gotta love rainbows!


The kids were impressed that our blue clothes all matched tonight!

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