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Tsunami’s, amazing kids and dreams coming true

March 14, 2011

The earthquake and tsunami damage in Japan is heartbreaking,  and we still have not heard  it all I am sure.   We never know when our lives will be changed with something like this happening…we need to keep doing what God has for us to do.  This world of ours is certainly not predictable.   Our prayers  for all those suffering in Japan  will continue.    

Thank you to each of you who were concerned about us being in the range of the tsunami.  The island of Cebu is completely surrounded by other islands so the chances of a tsunami hitting us are negligible.  We are fine.  Keep those prayers for our safety storming the gates of Heaven though!

We have another adoptive family here now.  What an amazing thing it is to see families “being made” in front of our eyes.    This is a sibling group of 3 teenage boys – seemingly a tough age to adopt.   It is fun to see that they are already becoming a family though….   This is always a bit of a difficult time for everyone.  We, as the CSC staff and workers see the kids testing us, testing the rules- seeing how far we will let them go in some areas of behavior.   Who is in charge ?”  Who tells the kids they are getting out of line?  Us or the new parents?  It is always a bit of a balancing act and is different with each situation as well.  Our kids are of course GOOD KIDS…so the “out of line” stuff is not all that serious, but it is still always  something that we deal with.  It is actually funny to watch the kids trying to figure out who is “in charge”  sometimes!

One of the boys that is leaving with his adoptive family today is in our Praise and Worship band.   The band had a their final concert together on friday night.   Here are some photos of that evening.


 Our 16-year-old wrote a beautiful song about CSC,  he played guitar and sang the song.   He wrote about CSC being a safe place,  a place where the Aunties and Uncles gave care  and love to him,  a place that helped his dreams to come true.  As you can imagine we were in tears.  This was the first time we had heard his song.   What a blessing it was to hear him share this and to know that he was thankful for CSC helping him and his brothers.   We are thankful for this young man’s heart and his ability to share his feelings.  Saying goodbye today will be difficult but we know that this is  an answer to his (and our prayers),  the realization of another dream coming true at CSC.  We are blessed.

Our girls are talented too!



Saying goodbye to our kids means that God has answered prayers for adoption.  But there is also another huge blessing that comes with saying goodbye;  it means that we have room for new kids to come in!   Meet our newest CSC KID!    Little James arrived when he was less than 48 hours old!

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