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Guitars, a rainy day and Uncle Marv

March 19, 2011

But first you must have my CSC smile of the week!    Jacob turned 25 this week.  He celebrated big.  There was a surprise party at his job –  in Bo’s Coffee shop – he was surprised!  We of course had a party for him at the Duterte home as well.   Jacob’s smiles are the greatest.


It has been a good week.   Today was a rainy day (I loved it!)   The kids sometimes need a little help in finding things to do other than watch video’s on a rainy day.   So….we broke out the guitars and had a concert going all morning long!    I love hearing the kids singing Praise songs.  We do have some talented kids!  Here are a few of our guitar players.




A  group of younger kids had a grand time playing in our “Gilligan’s island” house while keeping out of the rain.   The covered porch on the Eicher and the Cherne home were also good places to gather together. There were a few boys that decided that a little rain was not going to stop their basketball game.


Uncle Marv came all the way from Alaska to spend the week with us.  He has spent lots of time with the kids and their guitars.   He is a great  teacher and he loves to sing!  Our kids are pretty impressed with their Uncle Marv.

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