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Wedding proposals, summer classes and kites

April 9, 2011

        Never a dull moment around here.   ( If someone could tell me where a few “dull moments” could be found I would appreciate it ! )  One of the highlights of the past week was welcoming back two sisters who were adopted from CSC twenty-one years ago.   It is always wonderful to have “our” kids come back.   These two enjoyed getting to know our kids now and were happy to buy some gifts for the kids and host an ice cream cone party too!   But,  this visit had an added dimension that we have NEVER had occur before.  One of them  had our current CSC kids help her to ask her boyfriend to marry her!  Yep!  She proposed to him…and he accepted  with a loud and clear  “of course I will”!    The kids were pretty excited to be a part of this.  A few of our girls thought that asking the boy to marry them might be a good idea….hmmmm.  Discussions are ongoing…….    

         Summer is on the way!  It is getting a little bit hotter each day.   I always know it is summer time when I look out my office window and see the kids flying kites.  Today I saw lots of kites!   I took photos of the kids who still had  kites at the end of the day.  There were a few more kids who lost their kites to trees,  wires and broken string.   We do have a few “store-bought” kites around too – but these homemade ones always seem to fly better!

            There are only a few days of school left for this school year.   The kids have all been trying to decide what “FUN CLASS” they would like to take this summer vacation time.  It seems we have arrived at some decisions!    Soccer, Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Guitar and Chess are all the different classes that our kids will be choosing from.   There will be summer school for some of the kids, lots of outings and lots of visitors coming too –  yep, those “dull moments”  are  just are not in the picture!

Enjoy the photos!  I added a few that don’t fit in with the title – but they were cute!

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