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A banquet and blessings…..

April 18, 2011

       The CSC banquet on saturday night was amazing!  I can say that even though I was not there.   I can say that even though our internet connection did not work well.  I can say that because I have an inbox full of positive reports and amazing stories.  Makes me jealous to be honest, but keep those reports and photos coming!

        Good things are happening here in Cebu too!   Four kids went to Manila to finish up final paperwork – their adoptive families will be coming soon.   We got to tell another  little guy that he has a family now!  Ginda is improving – I know because she is back to sticking her tongue out.   Jacob is out of Isolation and was with us at Teacher Myrna’s retirement party.  It was quite sad actually….we talked about when Teacher Myrna’s husband died in 1996.  Jacob remembered him and got quite emotional.  But, he loved being there and got to present Teacher Myrna with a gift.   We admitted two new darlings today.  They have what I call “the new kid look” in their photo.   Hopefully that “look”  will be gone in a few weeks.

     We are starting summer vacation here.  The kids will be home all day every day starting on wednesday.   Our playground can get a little crowded when there are 60 plus  kids flying kites (which includes getting kites out of our kite eating tree) , riding bikes, skateboarding, learning to walk,  splashing in the pool,  riding  scooters,  playing basketball,  playing badminton, trying to find a quiet place to talk, chasing grasshoppers, chasing each other, singing songs and a few dozen more things that they can come up with! It is a fun time though!  The first week in May we will start our summer “fun classes” so that will mean some driving to and from but will give the kids something different to do each day.   Before we know it it will be the end of June and school will be starting again!

Here is a little bit of the last few days around here….

I included a photo of each of our three residential homes also;  the Cherne, Duterte and Eicher homes.

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