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Fun in the Sun

May 23, 2011

Yesterday was a great day.   Our three House fathers put together a great  day of sports, games,  and activities.   We had badminton, running relays,  basketball, tug of war, water balloon games and ended the afternoon with our homemade Slip and Slide (Thank you Tammy and Rikki.)

A cute story is that three of our brand new kids just came out of Isolation a few hours before the big event.  These three kids were very confident that they were not going to like it here, that they were going to run away and go find their birth mom.  We kept telling them that they just had to wait, that their mom will come and visit and that they WOULD like it once they got out of Isolation.  Well….they did!  What an introduction to life at CSC..a full day of games and activities!  They already have friends and participated in everything offered!   They are no longer planning to run away, but they do want their birth mom to come and meet their new friends and see their new home.

After all the activity everyone got treats for being good sports and great competitors!   We ended the event with a prayer….it was a wonderful day.

We even got to have a birthday party before  the day was over!  Madelyn turned 3 and Jolynz 1!

Here are about half the photos!   More to come in a few days.

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