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The week that was

June 13, 2011

It has been am amazing week here at CSC.  We had a work team here from Colorado – their “job” was to keep our kids busy all week.  They did a good job! In the process they kept all of us busy as well.  I spent about 3 hours total in my office all week.    That is a little bit scary to think about to be honest!  Getting caught up is going to prove quite a challenge I think.

It was a good week though.  The kids had VBS, biking, eating out, swimming, snorkeling, eating out, olympics,  crafts, eating out,   Zip line,  mountain top experiences, eating out and Bible studies!  The kids were dragging by the end of the week, ( not because they had not eaten)  but that was good because all the adults were dragging as well!

Added to all the work team activities we had  6 birthdays at CSC!!

The kids had a great time.  It was a week to remember for all of us.  We have lots of new kids so all the extra excitement and  busy schedule made for some pretty wild days for us to try to keep everyone doing what we wanted them to do and not taking advantage of every opportunity to do what we didn’t want them to be doing! The new kids are going to be a little shocked to know that there are not ALWAYS 13 white people around that will let them crawl all over them,  borrow their camera and play with them all day long!   Reality will be tough for a bit!

We survived the week  with only one bike accident and one house parent with his arm in a cast.  Oh yeah….and about 10 kids with jelly fish stings!

Here are some photos of our WEEK THAT WAS!!!

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