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President Obama in Cebu

June 17, 2011

It’s  been another exciting week here!   We had a cloudburst of rain that allowed some of the kids to have  fun playing outside in the rain…until the thunder and lightening sent everyone inside.  The lightening and thunder were right on top of each other and right on top of us – louder than I have heard in a long time, maybe louder than I have ever heard actually!  I could hear kids shouting  from each of the three houses after each loud lightening event – Joemar was with me in my office.  He did some screaming of his own! NO…I did not scream, I happen to love storms but I do have to admit this one was a little wild….good that it was short!  We ended up with “Lake CSC” where our playground used to be.

I was sitting at a stoplight today and found myself face to face with President Obama….I didn’t realize he was selling coffee here in Cebu City!    I took some photos to prove it to you.

I thought I would give you a little clue as to how fast our four little newborn boys  are growing too….

I may have to add a few more of the weeks events later…but for now I think our babies, the huge storm,  and President Obama will have to do.

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