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Too many things to write about….

July 5, 2011

Things just keep happening!      Here are a few of the highlights.

We have admitted five more kids,  a sibling group of three (two boys and a girl) and a sibling group of two (boys).   Pray for one of the new little guys,  he is almost four years old and has had way too much sadness in his life.  This little guy is severely malnourished,  but has also been physically abused.  I have  never seen the degree of sadness and loss of hope that this little guy had when I first met  him.  We have had him for almost two weeks now and have seen a couple of fleeting smiles and a flicker of a spark of hope in his eyes.   He has gained two kilos of weight!   He will look us in the eye now and has even said a few words.  We know he loves spaghetti, chicken and ice cream, and we know he loves to go for a ride in a vehicle.  I am so looking forward to getting to know him more and helping to communicate to him that he is loved and cherished!     Oh my… of the biggest blessings that we have as staff here at CSC is to be able to see the changes that happen in our kids,  I am so looking forward to seeing the changes in this little guy.

We have added another CSC adoptive family to our big and growing family as well!   Adoption is such a blessing and a  solution to the problem of neglected and abandoned kids here in the Philippines (and all over the world.)

We have had lots of visitors!   We loved having Joel’s family and friends here to attend his wedding.  Joel and Jinkee are now married.  They are due back from their honeymoon today.   We had some fun times with a good friend and her family who spent a few days playing!   She lived here with her missionary family when she was a child and now is introducing her  husband and daughters to the Philippines.    Two of our  CSC darlings returned with their adoptive family to visit us.  One left as a baby so does not have real memories of being with us, but she enjoyed all the hugs and exclamations of joy that she received from all of us who do remember her! Her brother was 12 when he left CSC, it was fun to hear him talk about all his memories and to see the pride that he showed in introducing his adoptive family to his CSC family.   I love that our kids are proud of who they are and that they want to come back and visit.  God is good.

Birthdays!  Yep,  we always have them too!

We celebrated July 4th – Filipino-American Friendship day – in style.  We had a fun program at school with the kids and a burger Bar-B-Q  with the staff.

I am preparing to leave for my one year in the USA.  I will be there towards the end of August.   I am looking forward to seeing family and friends there,  but not looking forward to the goodbyes here….the dilemma of having two homes halfway around the world from each other!  I am also looking forward to telling many of you about all the amazing things that God is doing here in Cebu City. Invite me to share with your church, small group or just a gathering of friends!

I have included a few CUTE KID photos as well….may as well being my camera is full of CUTE KID shots.

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