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4 weeks and counting…..

July 24, 2011

I leave here in less than four weeks.   Lots has to happen before then;  packing,  helping to train in Lindsay who will be doing some of my jobs,  staff meetings with ALL of us here (that does not happen very often),  get all the kids reports up to date, packing,  saying goodbye,  getting my drivers license renewed,   packing,   763 “loose ends” to tie up and a bit more packing.    Ah……

The kids are still settling into school and adjusting to “not having enough time to play” these days.  I have more office time without all my little visitors coming in and out of my office  all day (I love having them though!)

We have had lots of rainy weather so are having to find more and more “indoor” activities for our active kids.   We did find plenty  to keep the older kids busy – helping us clean up after more than one foot of water flooded the whole basement of the Duterte Home.  All our storage is down there…..quite the job getting that all cleaned up and arranged once again.  The kids had great attitudes about helping though!  Better than some of the adults.

Adoptions keep happening….we said goodbye to our darling Paula last week.    We miss our kids when they leave, but  we are also happy that when someone leaves it  means that another child can come to take their place;  another young life that needs a bit of help along the way.  What a blessing we have to be able to be here for these kids.   Sometimes the long days do not seem like a blessing I have to admit…but by the next morning I KNOW they are.

Here are a few blessings from the last week.

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