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August 6, 2011

We are still getting lots of rain,  but thankfully no more flooding in our storerooms.

We have a new after school activity;  Puppets.   Twelve of our kids are in a  once-a-week class to learn how to use puppets.  They will be putting on a show for one and all in a couple of months.  They will  even be making their own puppets.  It is great to see the kids use their creativity and imagination once their hand gets inside a puppet.  My good friend Mary (A  BGC Missionary) and her friend Diday,  are the teachers.

I had  five “piggy” banks full of coins that  I have been collecting for the past few years.   I decided that it was time to do something about them.  The kids thought they had discovered a treasure chest when they saw my stash!  They had never seen so many coins in one place before.   We had a great time,  as well as  mathematics practice,  figuring out just how much money I had!  The grand total was over 6,000 pesos  (over 12,000 individual coins)  –  just under $150. The kids are pretty sure that I am rich now……they  thought it weird that I called all these coins “change” – they wanted to know what I was going to change it  all to!

We have recently said goodbye to some kids… a first hello to others and even got the good news that more will be able to have an adoptive family.  This has certainly been a year of change at CSC.  Change is good. Both kinds of change.

Speaking of change,  I am going to be changing the Island that I live on.  I will exchange the island of Cebu (125 miles long and 25 miles wide) for the “Island” of North America.  I will have hot running water,   a garage door opener,   a dryer, grocery stores that I seem to remember have way too many choices,  roads that I will be able to drive over 20 miles per hour on,  gas stations where I have to pump my own gas,  electricity that is reliable,  I won’t see naked kids playing on the road side,  I will be in a place that I look like I belong (as opposed to being an obvious foreigner here) but in actuality I will feel like a foreigner there ….but I am ready.      I am NOT ready to say goodbye here but looking forward to saying hello to my family and friends there.  You gotta love change.

Enjoy the photos!

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