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I’m back….again

October 29, 2012

Okay, so I am slow. That and the fact that I have trouble with all this techy stuff that I really do need to know. But, I am proud to say that I figured out how to update my blog all by myself today…..I have been embarrassed to have to ask Bjork to help me again.
I have been back in Cebu for two months already! That is amazing. In some ways I feel like I never left but in other ways I feel like the new kid on the block here. One thing that has not changed is that we still have lots of cute kids who need CSC to survive, and hopefully thrive in life. It is an honor to be here.
So much has happened in two months. It is a change for me to be living alone in my house (except for my dog Katie and my cat Kali,  who are both quite good companions.) I kind of miss having other people around. I guess it is good I am not home a lot!  My office changed while I was gone for the year, it is now a three person office – I guess I exchanged a private office for a private home life.  That works…especially when home is often an office anyway.
I have already seen new kids come to CSC and old ones leave with their adoptive family. I have already seen darling and awesome school programs and been involved in the intricacies of our kids lives. I have prayed for sick kids and thanked God for answered prayers. I have been sad to miss out on special events in Minnesota and blessed to be a part of special events here in Cebu City.  I have had to deal with  a few tough issues and been able to  see God absolutely guide and protect in the process of dealing with those issues.  Yep!  It is good to be back.

Oh yeah,  and sharing in the “Event of the Year” saturday  was an honor and privilege as well.  Our Teacher Amy is now married to her wonderful best friend Marcel.   It was a beautiful wedding at the beach;  the weather cooperated,  family and friends all made it from far and near,   the food was delicious, the joy was contagious and  now Amy and Marcel are off on their honeymoon  –  on their motorcycle!

Hopefully these photos will help you forget that I have been negligent in my blog writing!  I will try to remember how it did it today so that I can have a repeat performance one day soon.

Enjoy the smiles,  birthday parties and school programs!

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