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February 23, 2007
      Our houseparents get  a day and a half off each week.  On the evening of their full day off one of the Staff members stays at the house with the kids until they go to bed.  Tonight I was at the Eicher House.   That is one hopping house let me tell you.  There are 39 kids there right now!  This is the house where the newest sibling group has moved in.  And they HAVE moved in.   The new kids have not even been in the house for a full week but are already well accepted and already pretty much "going with the flow" there.  We played SPOONS tonight…along with a video playing all the time (MADAGASCAR and MIGHTY DUCKS if  you would like to know), some kids were coloring and drawing and some playing a few other games too.  Everyone seemed happy and we all had a wonderful time.  Leheca (one of the new kids)  REALLY got into SPOONS…she at first thought we were nuts but realized there was a reason for what we were doing.  Adelyn played too…she did well but only because she never even looked at her cards, just watched the SPOONS and grabbed.  Funny.  One of our DARLINGS made me cry tonight.  She was playing SPOONS and right as we were starting another round she dropped her head and appeared to be praying.  When she looked up I asked her if she was praying…she said "yes, I prayed that I will win this time".   All the other kids laughed at her.  So we talked about it being nice that we can ask GOD for the DESIRES OF OUR HEARTS.  She seemed to think about that for a moment and then said…"the REAL important thing to me is to have a mom and a dad…I don’t care if I win at SPOONS now."   OH my….the reason that made me cry?  We just found out TODAY that she does have a mom and a dad! But we have not told her that yet.  We will wait for photos coming from Mom and Dad before we tell  her.  WOW. 
      God loves our kids…He answers their prayers.  God cares about each of those 39 kids in the Eicher house…and the 29 in the Cherne House and the 10 in the Teen Home too! 
       Sorry…I didn’t have my camera with me tonight!
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