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A good day…..

July 29, 2009
It was a good day today.   I am not sure why because I only got about half of the stuff done that I wanted to get done.  Actually I am sure why…I had a series of meetings today with different staff members.   There is so much going on with our kids,  sometimes just sitting around and talking things out is the best way to make plans and set goals.  We have kids who want to confront their abusers, kids who want the past to be the past, kids who need to acknowledge their past so that they can make steps towards the future.   We have kids who are just learning what trust is, kids who are contemplating a different future than they were last week, kids who just need us to be there, kids who seem to need many more reminders than others, kids who are almost "too perfect"…..each of these kids needs their needs met in different ways.  We do have a group of people here that do care about the individual kids.  That was brought home to me in each of the four meetings that I participated in today.   It was a good day…because God  showed me once again that he has brought a group of people together to meet the needs of these darling kids that HE has sent our way.  Now, I just hope that tomorrow is a good paperwork day!
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